Throughout the design, manufacturing, and testing process, we make every effort to ensure your pedal will perform reliably for many years to come. Nevertheless, in the event of a defect, we've got you covered.

All pedals carry a Lifetime Limited Warranty (for as long as we're in business). This warranty is automatically transferred if you sell your pedal.

What this warranty covers:

  • All manufacturing defects, internal and external, that cause the pedal to no longer function as intended
  • Part failure in the course of normal use

What this warranty does not cover:

  • Cosmetic damage due to abuse
  • Functional damage due to abuse (beer spillage, running it over with your truck, etc.)
  • Damage resulting from modification or alteration of your pedal
  • Damage resulting from use with incorrect power supply (wrong polarity or excess voltage)

If you need your pedal repaired, please send a description of the issue to:

r e p a i r s @ golddustpedalco. c o m

with the subject line “Pedal Repair Request” and we'll provide instructions how to return your pedal. Shipping your pedal back to me is free. Once we receive your pedal and diagnose the issue, we'll send you an estimate of the repair cost, if the fault is not covered under the warranty.